our process

Step 01. Consultation

A client comes to us because they trust that we will always give our full effort, always bring our best to the table, and to trust our ideas and style.

We thrive on the fact that our clients allow us free reign in design , always putting our clients inspiration first. All clients are invited to a complimentary consultation. During this time, we want to hear your ideas and find out what your ultimate event would look like. This consultation allows us a chance to get acquainted and discuss how we can be of best service to you. We ask you simple Questions in order to assess your specific needs in greater detail.

We are a full service planning
and Design Firm

and we will handle as many serevices as you require, smaller events are handled by our Coordinators but working under the creative direction of Bibi Hayat,and larger full scale events are with Bibi Hayat.

We encourage clients to bring Inspirational photos, and references with them, so that we can further understand style and personalities of the client.

Lets get Started
Getting to know you

The more information you give us in the beginning the better chance we have to ensure that your vision is interpreted within our ideas.

Preparation is the key

It’s best to come prepped to the meeting with an idea of location and dates for the event, as well as 5-7 images that represent your true style, also with a few images of design and decor that you want to avoid.

Discovery Through Questions

In the initial meeting, we are prepared with many questions to help us understand you more. We will ask all the tough questions to guarantee we know what we are working with in terms of expectations, timelines, likes, dislikes and budget.

Sending a Full Brief

After our meeting, we send you a full brief of the meeting in addition to our design phase proposal which allows us time to do all the adequate research and create concepts to show you based on your requirements and budget.

Step 02. Presentation

Always fun and inspiring, nearly our favourite part!

Showing you our creativity and ideas, colours, mood boards, fabrics, textures and details. Once all are approved we begin creating your dream event.

Step 03. Production

Our full production and design team spends hundreds of hours creating working drawings, templates, samples, and then producing your event, every item is throughly checked and quality approved.

The set up is fun and chaotic, we gather the best team leaders to oversee the process and every minute detail. When our teams have completed their work, we take a critical look at the entire project. During this final walk-through, we make subtle changes here and thereto guarantee perfection. We check everything over, we manage timelines, schedules and services.

The result, is a space in which all the details come together to create a harmonious event, from decor and lighting to entertainment and service.

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