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With experience in events since 2004, a background in Catering, Corporate events and design, Bibi has been planning occasions and creating exquisitely detailed events ever since.

Bibi’s professional resume includes work in the hospitality industry, in which she worked hands on in events for fashion houses, automotive companies, jewelry houses as well as alongside many talented chefs, florists, graphic designers and creatives. All of this experience , combined with her natural eye for detail, have attributed to her expertise in designing and managing Luxurious and complex events.

From designing the overall theme to managing the minute details, she brings a wealth of knowledge, inspiration and dedication to her clients.

Design and decor are part of Bibi’s DNA, she cant keep things boring, or design just because, she’s a firm believer in telling a story and creating luxurious experiences for every client and guest.

Bibi’s Relaxed Approach, passion and All of these elements are blended effortlessly in her work and she brings warmth, confidence and personalization to all the celebrations that she produces.

She is devoted to helping her clients create beautifully appointed, bespoke spaces that reflect her inspirations, clients wishes as well as her unique twist on tradition.

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Fall - Winter 2016

Cashmere and Coffee…

With Nearly Ten Years of Experience being an Entrepreneur, along with Four additional years working in the events and Food and Beverage Industry, I have seen a lot, Tested out countless recipes, created numerous events and Designed many interesting and luxurious dinners and settings..

I am truly a lover of all things Beautiful, Creative, Delicious and Well Designed, and i think its time i share my loves with all of you,

It all started with my Instagram Account @cashmere_and_coffee , i just started posting beautiful images that inspired me and hashtag-ing the images, i couldn’t believe the amount of people that contacted me asking me to post more, and enquiring  about my style,where i bought certain things,  in addition to all the emails we get asking for tips and help in events, it occurred to me one chilly Friday morning at home, when i was wrapped up in a cashmere blanket and sipping on my cup of coffee, “I should share the things i love:  not just create folder after folder of images on my computer..” So the wheels started turning.. and now I’ve started the journey..

I will be Launching a coffee table book that includes recipes, event styling tips as well as eight  real life event set-ups that will feature some of my favourite and Inspirational friends and Colleagues.

Music Playlist Suggestions, Checklists, Menu Planning and more..

The Book will be a little peak into my lifestyle, how i entertain, and there will be plenty of sources and how-to tips.

Cant wait to share this project with you!

Coming Soon



  • Family & Loved Ones
    Furniture and Decor Shopping
  • Entertaining at home
  • Fabrics and Print Design
  • Hand Written Cards
  • Fabrics and Print Design
  • Fabrics and Print Design
    Entertaining at home
  • Hand Written Cards
  • Fabrics and Print Design
    Entertaining at home
  • Furniture and Decor Shopping
  • Fabrics and Print Design
    Entertaining at home
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